Monday, January 11, 2010

Activists To Protest Carbon Trading Summit

The Center supports cap-and-trade and does not support this rally

Activists call for climate justice outside Carbon Trading Summit, warn that carbon trading will fail to stop climate change

• James Hansen, climate scientist, to speak at Tuesday event outside summit, share criticism of carbon trading. Hansen has been an outspoken critic of carbon trading.

• Activists rally, protest outside summit Wednesday. Other speakers include religious community leader, carbon tax expert.

Climate justice activists, many of whom were at the Copenhagen climate summit, will converge outside the 2nd Annual Carbon Trading Summit on January 12-13 to oppose market-based trading of greenhouse gas emissions credits and call for real solutions to the climate crisis.

Participants at the Carbon Trading Summit will include executives from JP Morgan Chase, Goldman Sachs, Duke Energy and more. Hansen has criticized these companies, writing "they are spending enormous amounts of money to be sure that cap-and-trade is doctored to allow as much business-as-usual emissions to continue as long as possible."

Hansen will be joined by religious community leader Father Paul Mayer, co-founder of the Climate Crisis Coalition; Cecil Corbin-Mark of WE ACT for Environmental Justice and Harlem community organizer; and Charles Komanoff, Carbon Tax Center.


** Presentation by journalist and climate activist Tina Gerhardt: "From COP 15 to Climate Justice Movement"

When: Monday, Jan 11, 7 pm - 9:00 pm

Where: Bluestockings Bookstore, 172 Allen St (between Houston & Delancey St)

** Press Event with JAMES HANSEN, renowned climate scientist.

Also featuring Cecil Corbin-Mark of WE ACT for Environmental Justice, Harlem community organizer; Charles Komanoff, Carbon Tax Center; and Father Paul Mayer, Climate Crisis Coalition, representing concerned members of the interfaith religious community.

When: Tuesday, Jan 12, noon

Where: Irish Hunger Memorial Park, Vesey St, 2 blocks west of West St

** Rally and protest action outside of the 2nd Annual Carbon Trading Summit (Embassy Suites Hotel)

When: Wednesday, Jan 13, noon

Where: Irish Hunger Memorial Park, Vesey St, 2 blocks west of West St

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