Tuesday, October 5, 2010

RGGI States Issue December CO2 Allowance Notice

States Also Announce Dates for 2011 Auctions

The states participating in the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) today released the Auction Notice and application materials for the fourth quarterly carbon dioxide (CO2) allowance auction to be held in calendar year 2010. The materials provide potential auction participants the information needed to submit a Qualification Application and indicate their intent to bid in the December 1st auction.

In addition, the participating states today announced the dates of the four quarterly auctions to be held in 2011. The dates for the 2011 auctions.

As indicated in the Auction Notice for CO2 Allowance Auction 10, the participating states will offer for sale 43,173,648 CO2 allowances for the current control period (2009-2011) and 2,137,991 CO2 allowances for the future control period (2012-2014). States will continue to use a reserve price of $1.86 for all allowances in the December auction.

Prospective bidders can apply to participate in the auction by downloading and submitting the auction documents from the RGGI website. All prospective bidders must successfully complete the qualification process and submit an Intent to Bid to participate in the auction.

Prospective bidders are also encouraged to participate in a free webinar hosted from 2-3 PM ET on Thursday, October 7, 2010. The webinar, which is open to all, will review the RGGI auction format and qualification process. Instructions to participate in the webinar are available below.

The December 1st auction will be the tenth held since the debut of the RGGI auctions on September 25, 2008. To date, the participating states have auctioned more than 290 million CO2 allowances. Aggregate information about previous auction results, including prices, bids and participation is contained in market monitor reports issued by the independent market monitor following each RGGI auction.

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